Registration of farmers is the process of collecting data to uniquely identify all farmers, and provide basic information about their farms and farming practices. Registration targets individuals or groups (including companies) who are cultivating crops or rearing livestock with the intention to sell. Registration is necessary because farmers, buyers & government need information for planning.

Registration provides information on farmers as well as their activities and outputs in order to boost their capacity and competitiveness in agriculture. The main purpose for registering farmers is to establish and operate a database driven system to
  • Process data on farmers and their activities;
  • Be a repository of technical information;

Forecast key agricultural variables.

During the registration of a farmer the following will occur:

  • The Farmer’s data and photo are taken by RADA’s staff at various locations;
  • A visit to the farmer by an Extension Officer as means of verification;

Note: Registration takes place at parish offices and at convenient locations by Extension Officers. Information collected will be about farmers, their farm holdings (lands, crops & livestock) and their agricultural practices. It is desireable that farmers who are registered by a commodity board or who are members of a farmers group such as the Coffee Growers Association, the Citrus Growers Association, the Banana Growers Association etc., should also be registered with RADA.

Farmers are required to present a valid photo ID (Drivers Licence / Passport/ Voter ID )upon registration.