Technical Guide


    1. To educate farmers in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP);
    2. To provide farmers with relevant and appropriate information to achieve maximum production;
To provide guidelines on post-harvesting and marketing of farm produce;

Target Audience:

    1. Farmers
    2. Other agricultural stakeholders
    3. Other interested individuals


      1. To ensure the application of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in farming;
      2. To increase the consistency and marketability of farm produce particularly for the export market.

Collects data on crops such as scientific name, crop group, plant type, life span etc and for each crop identified to make information available under headings such as site selection, management, irrigation, land preparation, crop etc.
Similarly, data will be collected peculiar to livestock and made available under headings such as animal husbandry, animal health, nutrition, housing requirements, nutrition value, breeding, slaughtering etc.